Electric heating with the VLK air heater

The electric heating solution for manufacturing spaces

The VLK electric heating system enables levels of comfort to be improved in any space that requires heating with much lower installation and maintenance costs than conventional systems.

15 Kw

Maximum power consumption

Assorbimento ottimizzato

Based on room temperature

Fino a - 15%

Energy savings

L’innovativo processo di riscaldamento dell’aria, perfetto per gli ambienti produttivi - Natural Clima
L’innovativo processo di riscaldamento dell’aria, perfetto per gli ambienti produttivi - Natural Clima

The ideal innovative air-heating process for manufacturing spaces.

The VLK air heater uses the heating process based on ion acceleration to quickly and efficiently heat any size of space by simply connecting it to the mains and without the need for any other systems.
VLK harness input electrical energy in the air heater to trigger the acceleration of ions which increase the temperature of the heat-transfer fluid when they move at high speed in a small space. This heats the air which is then expelled outside the premises by a fan without the need for any plumbing or other equipment.

The VLK heating units can be installed wherever they are needed by simply connecting them to the mains power supply without any need to make any of the traditionally used connections or follow the standard procedures to acquire permits or authorisation.
 As there is no internal combustion or any emissions of pollutants into the environment you can install this product without any of the usual red tape.

VLK offers you:

Minimal consumption compared with a conventional heating system, especially if the system works in conjunction with electricity-generating photovoltaic panels.

A lower purchase price and less maintenance than conventional systems.

Lower installation and management costs by avoiding thermohydraulic work and routine maintenance.

Why should I choose VLK heating?


Energy efficiency

The system reaches the desired temperature quickly, up to five times faster than a conventional system. With minimised heat dispersion, no gas, and system efficiency, this system reins in consumption and uses up to 15% less energy than conventional systems.


Lower installation and management costs

The installation of VLK does not require an external boiler or flue, so there is no need to contact the fire service, local health authorities, regional environmental protection agency, or equivalent bodies. Maintenance and management practices are unnecessary (compulsory maintenance, system manuals, etc.).


Greater efficiency

VLK’s thermal output is not affected by low temperatures outdoors and maintains a constant level of efficiency.


Increased productivity

Maintaining a constant temperature that is not too cold positively impacts the performance of machinery and the management of certain materials, and is also beneficial to the performance of personnel.

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    Technical features

    vlk air

    Supply voltage (V): 380/400

    Frequency (Hz): 50

    Maximum current (A): 25

    Maximum power consumption (kW): 15

    Heating capacity (kW): 21

    Weight (kg): 25

    Dimensions (L x D x H): 795x715x(340+280)mm

    Key sectors

    Industrial electric heating for:

    Accessories and options for the ion heating system

    Complete your electric heating system with control solutions and other options.

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