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The Cool Box industrial adiabatic cooler for manufacturing and retail spaces.

Raffrescatore mobile adiabatico Cool Box - Natural Clima
Raffrescatore mobile adiabatico Cool Box - Natural Clima

The Cool Box industrial evaporative cooler

Looking for air conditioners for retail, manufacturing or large spaces that are affordable, sustainable, modular and effective even when doors are open?

The Cool Box adiabatic cooler is the solution for ensuring a comfortable working environment for employees, and increasing energy savings by up to 90% more for each unit than with conventional air conditioners.

By decreasing the temperature inside your premises by up to 10° C lower than outdoors, you can improve the performance and comfort levels of workers.

The Cool Box adiabatic system is eco-friendly because it uses no refrigerant gases and consistently circulates the water used in operations by introducing 100% clean air from outside, without recycling it, even without extractors.

How do industrial adiabatic coolers work?

Adiabatic cooling uses a natural principle to cool spaces without using refrigerant gases or energy-intensive compressors.

The adiabatic system is based on a natural thermodynamics principle: water evaporation.

Basically, the system is made up of a fan that draws warm air from the building and directs it towards a wetted cellulose panel. The air flows through the evaporative panel where it cools by transferring the heat to the water before being returned into the building by ventilation devices.

Raffrescatore mobile adiabatico Cool Box - Natural Clima

Air leaving the industrial adiabatic cooler is up to 10°C cooler than the room temperature, plus it has been cleaned and filtered.

Using an industrial adiabatic cooling system offers many benefits:

  • No building work is required for its installation
  • No refrigerant gases or liquids are required
  • The system is extremely effective even for large volumes of air
  • Energy costs are drastically cut by up to 90%

The adiabatic system is ideal for industrial-scale cooling in premises where doors and windows need to remain open.
It enables staff to work in a clean, cool environment, while saving energy and safeguarding the environment.

Why should I choose the Cool Box adiabatic cooler?

Up to 90% better energy savings

Than conventional air conditioners.

Up to 75% savings

On installation, management and maintenance.

Zero environmental impact

No refrigerant gases, unchanged natural humidity, much quieter operation.

Increased productivity

Enhanced staff comfort and better operational efficiency.

Effective with open doors and windows

Air is cooled and circulated even when doors and windows are open.

100% clean air

It uses fresh, clean, filtered air from outside. No particulates.

10° C cooler than outside

Comfortable working temperatures and clean air.

Flexibility and modular solutions

Cool the entire space or just specific areas; easy and fast installation.

Natural Clima adiabatic evaporative cooling solutions

Raffrescamento adiabatico Cool Box - Natural Clima

Cool Box fixed industrial adiabatic cooler

Cool Box mobile - Natural Clima

Cool Box portable adiabatic cooler

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