We offer R&D, solutions, technology and environmental respect

Creating more comfortable workplaces that increase productivity and reduce the impact on the environment. At Natural Clima, this is what we deliver for you and your company with our innovative, high-performance cooling and heating solutions.

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Together we create the ideal climate in your industrial spaces

Every Natural Clima solution is designed and developed to meet each company’s unique air-conditioning requirements, maximise the system’s performance, and minimise waste.



We design, produce and install innovative, high-performance cooling and heating systems.



We devise and develop systems to meet specific air-conditioning requirements and offer the option of downsizing or upsizing them as your needs change.



Our rapid installation minimises the amount of work required. This also means that a system can be easily and inexpensively relocated if necessary.



Our optimised solutions enable much higher energy savings and lower consumption than conventional cooling and heating solutions.



Our maintenance and support services guarantee that your system is always productive and efficient.



We encourage environmental respect so that your company can uphold green values.



We create a comfortable climate for everyone in every season which increases productivity and staff satisfaction.

Trasformiamo le tue sfide in progetti di successo - Natural Clima

We transform your challenges into successful projects

Experience, proactivity, and problem-solving skills.
Natural Clima is an idea and 100% Italian.

We continuously strive to improve our solutions and stay one step ahead of market demands by designing innovative air-conditioning systems for industrial, artisanal, and commercial businesses and sports facilities.

At Natural Clima, you will find a team of people that believes cooperation is the path to excellence. We work with you on every step of your project, providing a one-stop experience that delivers everything from analysis and design to installation and maintenance.

Trasformiamo le tue sfide in progetti di successo - Natural Clima

Our team

Paolo Dignani

Sales and marketing director

Giuseppe Fioretti

R&D and design manager

Mara Capancioni

Client manager

Andrea Ulivi

Technical manager

Samir Daoud

Marketing manager
Crediamo in un futuro migliore - Natural Clima
Crediamo in un futuro migliore - Natural Clima

We believe that respecting the environment and people paves the way for a better future

Corporate sustainability is an increasingly higher priority for companies. Governments and the European Union expect them to come into line with the parameters set by the European Green Deal and achieve no net emissions by 2050.

Green issues and eco-sustainability are key aspects for corporate communications and for cutting energy costs, so companies are optimising their production processes and minimising waste to become even more eco-friendly.

In addition to environmental respect, the concept of “corporate wellbeing” is gaining traction. This encompasses all those good practices and approaches that enable a comfortable climate to be created for employees. 

If properly calibrated and harnessed, heat, cold, humidity, and wind can become natural allies of our wellbeing and that of the environment.
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The Natural Clima philosophy

Environmental respect and safeguarding the wellbeing of people is embedded in Natural Clima’s DNA. We established this company to create innovative climate control solutions that have as close as possible to zero impact on the environment and enable us to live and work comfortably without experiencing the excessive heat or cold that can negatively affect the quality of our performance and undermine morale.

Natural Clima, il tuo partner per un clima migliore
Natural Clima, il tuo partner per un clima migliore

We want to be the partner for all companies that, like us, believe that building a better future begins with the concrete actions that we can all implement in our lives and businesses.

This is why we support companies seeking solutions to provide an answer to the “climate problem” in workplaces by cutting consumption and emissions, avoiding the use of substances that are potentially harmful to the environment, and enabling real energy savings all year round.

We work together with our partners every day to build the world we wish to pass on to future generations as we respond to the continually evolving climate requirements, and make the lives and work of businesses and teams easier and less complicated.

To reduce the impact of our production, every solution is designed to minimise manufacturing waste and every product is fully recyclable at the end of its life without producing any special, toxic or hazardous waste.

Natural Clima, il tuo partner per un clima migliore

Natural Clima, your partner for a better climate

Natural Clima is the new, eco-friendly and innovative alternative for creating an environment in which you, your collaborators and your customers can live and work in comfort.

Meet us and discover that a better sustainable climate is a real possibility for your business.