Portable Evaporative Coolers Cool Box-Serie PSC

These units have been designed to offer the highest versatility. They can be used in industrial and commercial environments, outdoor areas, such as courtyards, terraces, gazebos, tensile structures, etc. bars, seaside strctures and houses.

Technical Specifications

Model PSC 18.0
Treated air [m3/h] 18.000
Fan Type Axial
Coverage area [ m²] 150-200
Absorbed power [W] 1120
Noise [dB] ≤73
Weight without water [kg] 90
Machine dimensions [mm] 1100*1100*1050
Control panel LCD
Infrared command Optional

Cool Box PSC – Benefits

• Versatility in use
• High cooling efficiency and extremely low power consumption
• Rapid installation and maintenance
• Highly reduced installation and operational costs
• Infrared control
• Low weight
• High cooling power
• Low noise level
• Eco-friendly, low impact
• Automatic switch-off model
• Only ventilation
• Cooling
• Diagnostic of ionizer system (only PSC 3.5)
• Manual or automatic drainage (automatic only for PSC 18.0)

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