Our products

Vlk Air

It’s an innovative solution that doesn’t use electrical resistances but uses the innovative ion-accelerated heating system, a process that uses electrical energy to cause the air temperature to rise …

Dual climate

The technologically advanced solution that replaces the traditional, onerous central heating system. Ideal to meet the needs for heat and cold in large environments (patented).

Cool Box

In a fixed or portable solution, the evaporative refrigerator offers an even more eco-friendly conditioning solution since it is completely gas free and it is more hygienic  …

Comfort Kitchen

A system created based on the specific needs of the catering trade; a unique, revolutionary solution, thanks to which it is possible to work in a kitchen in pleasant environmental and climatic conditions …

Wind Chill

Cutting-edge, Eco-friendly and Natural pre-chilling system, able to increase the efficiency of Chillers, Condensers, Roof Top systems and Heat Pumps, reducing consumption …

Some of our projects


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