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The benefits of climate control for businesses

Creating a clean environment is a key way to ensure optimal working conditions for employees and machinery, plus it increases productivity and cuts costs.

Natural Clima climate management solutions are designed with patented technologies to deliver maximum efficiency, functionality and adaptability that no conventional air-conditioning systems can match, which benefits businesses in terms of installation, management and energy costs.

The climate control in your company allows you to have:


Increased productivity

Many studies, including the Report NASA CR 1205-1 which also investigated heat stress, show that human productivity drops when the temperature in the workplace rises.


Greater efficiency

Maintaining a constant temperature that is not too cold or hot positively impacts the performance of machinery and its average service life.


Enhanced staff comfort

An uncomfortable climate in the workplace has a negative impact on concentration which can lead to low morale and reduced attention to safety.


Higher energy savings

Natural Clima solutions enable businesses to attain much higher energy savings than with conventional systems. When combined with green energy production solutions, they make achieving zero impact a reality.

What is your climate challenge?

Climate control solutions for companies and businesses

Raffrescamento adiabatico Cool Box - Natural Clima

Cool Box adiabatic cooling system

The adiabatic system for industrial-scale cooling and workplaces of all sizes.

Climatizzatore Dual Climate - Natural Clima

Dual Climate air conditioner

This industrial air conditioner is an innovative air-conditioning solution that replaces the power plant to cool and heat any premises.

Riscaldamento elettrico con aerotermo VLK - Natural Clima

Electric heating with the VLK air heater

The industrial electric heating solution for manufacturing spaces and factories.

Ventilazione cucine Comfort Kitchen - Natural Clima

Comfort Kitchen air-conditioning system

A kitchen ventilation system complete with extraction hoods that continuously circulates air in industrial-scale kitchens.

Supporto gruppi frigoriferi e generatori elettrici Wind Chill - Natural Clima

Wind Chill efficiency system for refrigerating units and electricity generators

The system designed to increase the energy- and cost-efficiency of chillers.

Why should I choose Natural Clima?

We offer R&D, technology and environmental respect

Natural Clima designs, produces and installs solutions for the industrial cooling and industrial air conditioning of retail spaces and workplaces by using innovative technologies with a low environmental impact to promote better, environmentally-conscious climate management that improves the quality of life and reduces energy consumption.

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Innovative patented solutions

Choose Natural Clima Natural Clima for your project and benefit from:

Project analysis and consultations

We conduct an on-site inspection for every new system. We assess your real needs and advise you on how to choose the perfect solution for your requirements.

Development and installation

Every Natural Clima system is designed and produced entirely in Italy, and tailored to the specific needs identified during your consultation. They are custom designed to perfectly suit your building, situation and requirements.

Continuing support

Even after your system has been installed, we are here to help with any further requirements you may have and provide the necessary support to ensure your business always enjoys the perfect climate.

Key sectors

Industrial air-conditioning systems for every sector

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Considering Natural Clima for your company?

Do you have a factory, warehouse, workshop, greenhouse, commercial premises or a large building? Are you looking for solutions for cooling, heating or making existing facilities more efficient?