Fixed cooling systems Cool Box Series GP DOC 18

Cutting edge technology for summertime cooling of large premises, large factories, workshops, shops, sports centers and gyms, exhibition halls, public places, pubs and fast foods, food markets, and many other environments where traditional systems entail high costs of installation, management and large waste of energy.

Cool Box Steel Line – Fixed Evaporative Coolers

These high-capacity cooling units show the same features of the DOC 18 series but with the addition of a steel structure; designed in such a way that one single unit can supply fresh cooled air within very large industrial buildings by channeling the air flow into those…

Portable Evaporative Coolers Cool Box-Serie PSC

These units have been designed to offer the highest versatility. They can be used in industrial and commercial environments, outdoor areas, such as courtyards, terraces, gazebos, tensile structures, etc. bars, seaside strctures and houses.