Having a livable kitchen has always been the wish of those working in that environment. The patented system Comfort Kitchen solves the “climate” problem even in case of particularly difficult contexts.
Beside the offer of the range of standard machines, we are able to study, create and implement a customized made to measure solution to perfectly meet your demands and the features of the building.


Comfort Kitchen offers a whole host of benefits compared to traditional air-conditioners:

    • • Significant energy saving, up to 80% less electrical power than traditional air-conditioners
      • It perfectly works with canopy hoods
      • Excellent cooling also with open windows and doors
      • It does not alter the organoleptic properties of food
      • Easy and flexible to install
      • Constant purified air replacement, so a healthier environment
      • Environment-friendly as it does not contain refrigerant gases
      • A single unit providing heating and cooling

The system can be installed in kitchens of:

✓ Restaurants
✓ Hotel
✓ Bars
✓ Pizzerias
✓ Pastry shops
✓ Communities

Technical Specifications

Model CK3000CF CK6000CF CK11000CF
Range [m3/h] Summer 3.000 6.000 11.000
Winter 1.000 2.000 4.000
Voltage [V,ph,Hz] 230-400/3/50 230-400/3/50 230-400/3/50
Absorbed electrical power [kw] Estate 0,75 1,86 2,78
Inverno 0,30 0,70 1,0
Total Pressure [Pa] 409 451 434
R.p.m. Estate 1.242 963 744
Inverno 450 350 250
Rated Current [A] / / /
Noise [dB] Estate 78,1 80,6 81,2
Inverno / / /
Average water consumption [l/h] Solo estate 2,5 5 10
Heating battery thermal power [max kW] Solo inverno 20 20 31,4
Dimensions [ hxlxp cm] 60+9,5x229x104 79+9,5x254x129 104+15x282x154
Weight empty [kg] 194,9 301 482

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