System to increase the efficiency of cooling units

The issue of the loss of efficiency of chillers/large cooling units is a highly evident problem in summertime, when outdoor temperatures reach high levels, meaning increased power consumption and a drastic reduction in refrigeration unit efficiency. A valid solution to this problem is the Wind Chill system that is installed on the Chiller-Roof Top-Heating Pump.

Designed to be applied to:


• Big and small groups of Refrigerating Units (chillers)
• Micro-turbines
• Uninterruptible power generation

The system pre-chills the exchange air on the external condenser of the Chiller, lowering its temperature to 13° C and allows the refrigerator to work in optimum conditions (high EER values), cutting power absorption and therefore, also consumption.
It offers a significant economic advantage, low running costs and is also applicable to “generator units” as endothermic engines and micro-turbines.

The best solution to solve the problem of the drop of efficiency of chillers during the summer season.

Project + Technology= Saving

Wind Chill by Natural Clima offers “bespoke” systems designed to meet the specific customer’s demands about any refrigeration unit, heat pump, endothermic engine, micro-turbine, condenser. Wind Chill increases the machine efficiency while reducing energy consumption.



• Increased efficiency of refrigerator group
• Low investment of installation
• Reduced maintenance
• Reduced water consumption
• Easy and flexible installation
• Electronic control functions (optional)

Consumption saving

Wind Chill is smart as for efficiency, consumption and saving.

TEE Energy Efficiency Certificates

In Italy, the energy savings can be translated into Energy Efficiency Certificates (also known as White Certificates) which are then reconverted into a real income.