Vulkano air

Vulkano Air does not use electrical resistances but uses the innovative ion-accelerated heating system, a process that uses electrical energy to cause the air temperature to rise in a extremely effective wayThe heated air is diffused into the room through the unit heater. The installation of Vulkano Air is very quick and easy.


✓ NO flue pipe
✓ NO Fire-brigade practices
✓ NO internal combustion
✓ NO thermal power plant
✓ NO electrical resistances
✓ Easy installation
✓ High efficiency
✓ Very low heat loss
✓ Low maintenance


Can be installed in any environment:

✓ Industrial sheds
✓ Warehouses / Storage rooms
✓ Craft workshops
✓ Swimming pools / Sports halls
✓ Livestock farms / Greenhouses
✓ Exhibition areas


Power supply voltage [V] 3N~400
Frequency [Hz] 50
Max. current [A] 25
Electrical power consumption Max. [kWe] 15
Heating battery [kWt] 34
Dimensions [cm] L x H x P 76x71x33+28 staffa
Weight [kg] 25

Aerotermo smart installation

Vulkano Air can be equipped with a Smart electrical panel that allows the management and monitoring of the system from Smartphone, PC or Tablet, connected to the Internet.

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