Thermocooling Systems

Designed to provide heating and cooling within large premises, Dual Climate system substitutes the traditional heat generation unit, dropping installation and maintenance costs related to regulations of the sector such as fire prevention etc.


Dual Climate system is available in two versions: DC and DCI. The DC version s provided with its own heat generation unit and it is so totally self-sufficient from the point of view of thermal generation.

The DCI version is a passive version designed to collect heat from heat sources present within the building or from already existing heat generators.

In both versions, the heat transfer fluid present within the circuit is funnelled through a heat exchanger warming up the air, which is then released into the building; summertime cooling is instead provided through adiabatic cooling.


A modern industrial technology with an ownership industrial
patent suitable to be installed in industries, workshops,
stores, gyms, sports centers, exhibition halls, public places,
pubs and fast foods, food markets
, where the traditional
plants don’t meet the demands of working in the listed structures.

Technical Specifications

Model DC18 DC30
Range [m3/h] Summer 18.000 30.000
Winter 6.000 10.000
Voltage [V,Hz] 400/3/50 400/3/50
Absorbed electrical power [kw] Summer 5,5 9,2
Winter 2,75 4,6
Pressure [Pa] 180 200
R.p.m. Summer 644 968
Winter 322 484
Rated Current [A] 13,75 23,75
Noise [dB min/max] Summer 82 86,6
Winter / /
Water consumption [l/h] Summer only / /
Thermal power [kw min/max] Winter only 10/34 10/70
Dimensions [ hxlxp cm] 130+15x325x180 155+15x350x230
Weight empty [kg] 800 1100
Weight with water [kg] 914 1250
Consumption Data (Methane/gpl)
Methane [m3/h min/max] 0,84/3,66 1,48/7,44
Gpl [m3/h min/max] 0,30/1,33 0,53/2,71
General Data
Working temperature [°c] da-15° a 50°
Protection degrees IP IPX5D

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